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Strat Carter - At This Moment (Outchea) lyrics

[Hook : Jay Tremaine ]
Circle got smaller when dreams got bigger
Take a couple losses and they still say we winners
Made our own rules, so life is always fair
The team right now, could it be more clear that we
Outchea, outchea, outchea, outchea
Outchea, outchea, outchea, outchea

[1st Verse : Trizzy]
At this moment, I'm high as fuck so im zoning
At this moment, my attitude is "fuck my opponents"
Cause everyday, I'm on my grind
Low-key but I stack them dimes
Tryna get what's mine
I hit play never hit rewind
Look, I'm on another level
Chase dreams yall niggas stay settled
Rolling up got Henney in my cup, that's word to my nigga Metal
Cause all my niggas keep pourin'
Birds eye view, we soarin'
Ain't worried 'bout a hatin' ass nigga cause his bitch sayin' he's borin'
Afilliated with real Gs in the streets we stack real cheese, stay low-key where them Os be
Now everybody wanna act like they know me
But they prolly owe me, I don't give a fuck..deuces..prolly hating cause I'm gettin' this money
But don't make yourself a nuisance...fool

[Hook : Jay Tremaine ]

[2nd Verse :Jonny K.]
When they wasn't hearing from me in a minute they probably thought that a nigga was hidin'
I just been workin' my brain, came up with new ways to kill mothafuckas by rhymin'
While I was at it I changed the climate
Now they sweatin' and bitchin' and cryin' some of 'em wretchin' and twitchin' and dyin' makin' a mess of my kitchen I'm fryin' 'em up and
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I fix up a plate and i serve the shit to they people who be thinkin' they made
But really they wack, they remind me of Tommy DeVito
I'm screamin fuck you like Cee Lo.
While I'm blazin' my green
Gotta let yall know that we lethal 'case yall wanna play against my team
Wait a minute now I used to be a pyro now I spit that liquid-nitro
When I get up on these hype ass beats I'm JFK. the psycho
And I'm outta control
Man they movin' too slow
Just filled this booth with C4
Now I'm bout to make this bitch blow

[Hook : Jay Tremaine ]

[Verse 3: Chuck Larry]
It's like they yellow taped the game they try to tell us where we can't go
Just make em swallow they pride until they all choke
Money talks so tell me what your speech for
Why you out here saying fuck Chuck?
Prolly cause your girl done fucked Chuck
Hating on twitter, when you log off you a fan of me, my life your fantasy
Chasing dreams not fame
Fuck where the cameras be
Never sugar coat my raps biters might get cavities
I'm worried cause I'm sonning these rappers
Preaching to em your arrival don't matter
Church with this rap shit, their hands is to the ceiling
These women that sinning kneeling
& Im far from being a saint
I'm far from being Lecrae
I'm just making sure that this art gets saved

[Hook : Jay Tremaine]

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