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Strangers - Meursault Blues lyrics

yesterday i killed a man; with the sun in my eyes and my feet in the sand.
it's hot in my hands but welcome to my cellroom: it's night; a star-specked night, and my mother's death was out of sight, out of my hands and transient; as fleeting as these starry lights.

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i don't need god, i don't need hope, i don't need anything from them but food and water. it's true that justice reeks of piss and being alone; but i could die tomorrow or maybe thirty years from now, and it's just the same thing. i lay myself open to the benign indifference; to my brother in despair; to the folded arms of life.
and i shed no tears, i speak no lies. greet me with cries of hatred at my execution. i want the world to watch me die, to see my head roll.
a martyr to nothing. to nothing.

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