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Strangers - Howl lyrics

survive. "welcome to the family in our stainless home. take a seat, my visitor, how can we help you?"

the child is sleeping, it's mother weeping, there's envy in my chest. he'll kiss the child and fuck the wife and lay his head to rest.

but give your child a knife to play with, it'll stab its friends to death. give your wife a shovel and she'd bury you instead. what's in the walls, are there corpses in your bed? got a visitor's voice inside your fucking head?

so pick your martyrs from the history books, and pick your heroes from the martyrs. bury truth and longing deep inside your breast. raise and drain that stoic glass above the rest.

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you run this family but there's a stranger in your space, to break and roll your rock and take your fucking place.


the bodies are piling up inside this house and i'm a visitor you can't ignore (you can't ignore).
i'm a restless wolf and i'm scratching at your door.


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