Stormzy - Cold lyrics

Cold lyrics


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[Verse] I paint on my whip in the vid like a prick now I'm cardless (Cold) Now it's a Uber ting, I've still got this regardless (Cold) Ooh what? Them man there? Na them man are harmless (Cold) I just went to the park with my friends and I charted (Wow) I have never been a victim, never been a target (Cold) The girls love this sh** and they love it like barkers (Cold) I shout merky and they're all coming like darkness (Cold) I was on the roads when Giggs made Talking Da Hardest (Wow) They know my name, it's Stiff Chocolate I don't play the game, I just boss it Watch DVDs in my boxers Panini ting, I go Costas [?] like [?] again [?] when you try par me again Get banged like Vardy again Won't need a arm if you them, look man are just cold Cold like ice Yeah my man's cool, but not cold like Mike You can say my name, you can hold that sh**e But just know that I've been signed It's the coldest day of your life Ain't [?] for a minute I was right (Cold) Road til I move then I bill it with rhymes (Cold) Know a couple OGs that are living off crime (Cold) But a young black boy made a milli' off grime (Wow) [?] and we'll do it ourselves All my young black bulls just do it yourselves (Cold) All my young black bulls know the system fail (Cold) Tell them bun that [?] we gon say it to the world (Wow)

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