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Stormin - ADHD Freestyle lyrics

Verse 1

Lets Get High
Get to know the man is my ***** as shown
Man sends more hype than me hell no
Serum made the beat and i was like yo
Thats the kind of beat i need for the flow
Every time i hear it i really really really everytime i hear it i get high
And rewind, i wanna hear it at least three times
Breakfast lunch and then teatime
Watch how a certain man get declined
Sit back in my chair and recline
Get more waved than brighton seaside
Heard people say that i like e dives??
You know me stormin you can see me live
Got more honey than a bees bee hive
Love for the north, love for the south, love for the west but im from the east side
Only thing that a mans got is his pride
If i didn't smoke i wonder what itd be like
You lot dont really really know bout my hype
My ADHD really kicks in around my highhh
Kicks in, not many man are really on this ting
If the gigs off then im down to sling
If i dont get arrested like food in mini mini
Man will get wrapped up like food in cling
24/7 round the clock ill be on a big boy ting
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Verse 2

Flab like heather, looksten skang (no f**ing idea)
Roulette dance, last leg force it
No one else in the game knows it
My flow and energy they love it
Levels of hype, nothing above it
Won't take no dead wages shove it
If youre gonna put me on a set with anyone
Make sure that you sell more clothing (also wrong)
The pengest weed i can find i run it
Leave all the pills to the skank i run it
Got no time for haters that done it
Theyre just pissed off theyre all in the same with
With me straight away then i spun him
Brudda round the corner doing dizzle was him

Head all spinning, rushing
Head all spinning, rushing
When i heard this, i went mad
My kids looked at me like whats wrong with dad

This track really really really brings out the mad in me
If it werent for the beat it was fantasy
If you want one to look wall to the mantlepiece
Im man crazy no one can handle me

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