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Stitches - Love For My Haters lyrics

They wanna see me broke (But I got love for my haters)
They wanna see me dead (But I got love for my haters)
Police wanna lock me up (But I got love for my haters)
They'll do anything just to stop my paper (2x)

[Verse 1]
Money brings problems and happiness
Watch what you say up on that phone because they listenin'
(Them FEDS!)
They'd rather see you die than to see you win
I keep my circle small: I will not let you in
I sip lean in public
I sell chickens; no Publix
FEDS watch me it's nothin'
No job, tatted to my face, I'm stuntin'
I know how it feels to have a lot but to also have nothin'
I came up on my own, nobody gave me nothin'!
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Man, who cares about the dyin' part?
My fear is bein' broke
If I die soon, I want go to leave my son with that least 50 mill
Is that too much to ask for, Lord?
Stitches is my name, no snitching is my statement
And I'm only 18, b**h!


[Verse 2]
I stick to all my choices, I don't turn my back (Never!)
I'm not too friendly, cause that's how you get stabbed in the back (Them fakes)
They claim to be your friend: but they's yo number 1 hater
And they'll do anything just to stop your paper
You can't stop my paper! Because I earned that paper!
If you owe me paper! Don't pay me a minute later!
I served it to your b**h: but I'm no waiter
That's what you get for tryin' to pay a minute later!


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