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Stitches - I'm Just A Gangsta lyrics

[Verse 1]
I pull out my AK and shoot anythin' movin'
If the FEDS come pick me up I tell them f** boys to prove it
Some say I'm out of my mind, some say I'm out of control
This ain't no game, lil' boy: ain't no remote control
I take the flesh off yo face, like I'm Hannibal (I will!)
You got snitch in your blood? I find out now you got a bullet hole
I heard you snitched on your mom, I heard you snitched on yo ho'
I always have a motherf**in' feeling in my stomach not to serve you up

You ain't got nothin' (Broke!)
Stop all the frontin' (You broke!)
I'm gon' shoot all of my rounds and I miss nothin'
Cause I'm a gangsta (You know it!)
Cause I'm a gangsta (You know it!)
And that ain't happen over night I'm just a gangsta (2x)
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[Verse 2]
I'm a gangsta with a gangsta grill
Start a problem with me? I put the gun to yo grill
I just chugged the fo' all the lean I need a refill
You got fake in yo blood, what's in my blood is real
Every track I jump on I k**
Call me Stitches: or call me track murderer
Make a diss track about me? And I'm gon' have to murder ya
If I don't wanna dirty my hands them bands will take care of ya
And my goons? Will finish the job, bruh
Cause if they don't come back with your motherf**in' head Imma be pissed (I swear!)
Hit the goons with my fist
I swear about this
I swear on your hood
I'm Stitches, n***a (You know me)
And I dare somebody that say that I won't pull the trigger


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