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Stitches - Bad b**hes lyrics

f** a job!
Money, money, p**y!

[Hook x2]
I'm f**in' bad b**hes, Dan Bilzerian
Naked b**hes on my plane, Dan Bilzerian
Foreign whips, big cribs
I'm rich as sh**, I'm like Dan Bilzerian
[Verse 1]
Naked b**hes on my plane, but it ain't nothin'
White tee, Jordans on, b**h, I'm always stuntin'
Two b**hes, Cuban and a Russian
I'm a rich motherf**er, end of discussion
b**hes callin' me life savior
Cause I got all the party favors
I was a drug dealer
But I had to go legit cause the cops always follow a n***a
Now I'm livin' life
And I'm gettin' s**ed off by a b**h who got the same name as your wife
Cocaine make her crazy
Now she tellin' me she want me to give her a** a baby
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I got Dan Bilzerian money
I got Dan Bilzerian money
All you haters really so funny
Imma get s**ed off while I count my money

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
I got a lot of guns up in my house and a million dollars in cash
Instagram famous, hoes always shakin' they a**
In my mansion, drinkin' liquor
Pop the molly, snortin' c**aine, n***a
I'm just smokin' weed, though
Cause on my tour, I swear to God, I snorted a kilo
Now I gotta lay low
Cause the popo tryna catch me slippin' with the coco
Hop up on the boat
And go wherever the f** I want
f** you and your feelings, boy
I know the truth, you wish that you could be a motherf**in' dope boy

[Pre-Hook + Hook x2]

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