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Stitches - Brick Bible Intro lyrics

[DJ Winn]
Watch me work, you bastards!

[Stitches & Str8 Kash]
Kash, hit this sh**, mane
(Oh, sh**!) *snorting*
*coughing* Damn, n***a
That's that basecrack
Hahaha! Fish scale. f** the police!
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n***a, [?]
You know what the police could do? Eat my...
(s** on dicks!)
Eat my dick, motherf**er. Hahahaha!
TMI Gang!
TMI Gang banged yo b**h! Hahaha!
And then your b**h gave you a kiss, motherf**er!
Hahaha! Hahahaha! Hahahaha! Hahahahaha!
Brick Bible!
Brick Bible, motherf**er!

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