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Stevie Brock - The Virtuoso lyrics

[Intro: Smooth Johnson]
You son of a bitch
You smell like shit
You look like a fucking dog
Who just came out of the gutter
You're nothing to me
You smell so fucking crappy
Get back in the toilet
Where you belong, bitch

[Verse 1: Smooth Johnson]
I just wanna love you
I just wanna fuck you
I'm gonna fuck you once
Twice, yeah that's nice
Oh, I wanna love you
Oh, I wanna fuck you
I don't care if you take off your pants
I'll take them off myself
I wanna love you
Oh, I wanna fuck you
Ahh, Ahh, Mmm, Ahh

[Verse 2: DCP]
Yeah, check it out I'm a sex machine
I'll eat your bush until my teeth turn green
Sorry baby, I don't mean to be obscene
But I wanna fuck your booty, I'm an asscrack fiend

[Verse 3: Smooth Johnson]
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You look like
The kind of bitch that I might fuck
So get on the ground
And put your face in the pillow
In the pillow

[Verse 4: DCP]
I'm S T R, then you add that fucking 8
Minus 4.86 and think what does that make?
When you get that you will know what I'm about
DC Pussyman, motherfucker I'm out

[Verse 5: Trance]
Come with me
And feel extasy
Breaking necks
And cashing checks, now you see
Lifes a bitch
And then you die
So ride that horse
And feel alive

[Verse 6: Stevie Brock]
If I told you I'm the greatest
You would never know so
Never know so
Never know so
I'm about to prove it
I'm the virtuoso
Virtuoso, Shawnee!

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