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Stevie Brock - Boy Next Door lyrics

Dear Stevie
I just wanted to let you know
That I've been thinking about ya lately
And since you've been gone
I wanna let you know
That I miss you boy, I miss you boy

[Verse 1]
Well it's been 3 weeks since you went away
It might sound crazy but I count the days
I miss the little things that we used to do
And those are the things that I liked about you
And now you're gone I don't know what to do
You never knew I had a crush on you
I miss you boy, I miss you boy

[Verse 2]
Well I wake up in the morning and get ready for school
Combin' my hair, trying to look cool
But I looked in the mirror and I said to myself
Why'd you have to leave me all by myself?
I know you didn't know it never said it before
But I had a crush on the boy next door
I miss you boy, I miss you boy

I had a crush on the boy next door and now hes gone
Shoulda told him before but its never too late to be my friend
Maybe someday I'll see you again and I wanna tell you from my heart
I know what it's like to be apart
I miss you boy (I miss ya boy) I miss you boy (I miss ya boy!)

[Verse 3]
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Well as time goes on its easy to see
That you were the one the one for me
I don't know how to say it you know its true
Cuz all I do is think about you
Cuz you're on my mind every minute of the day
And now its time for you to hear me say
I miss you boy I miss you boy

[Verse 4]
Well the summer times coming
I wanna see you again
I hope you come back
And be my best friend
Now I hope in my heart that this dream'll come true
Cuz without you its like a roomin of you
I want you to know, I never felt this before but I miss you
Love, the girl next door
I miss you boy, I miss you boy

[Chorus X3]

[Verse 5: Stevie Brock]
(ring ring)
'Hey, this is Briana leave a message at the tone!'
Hey Bree this is Stevie
Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye
But i hope you get this message
Cuz I miss ya so much
I know you're far away
But we can still keep in touch
I know you never knew I never said it before
I got a crush on you the girl next door
I miss ya girl...I miss ya girl

[Chorus TO FADE]

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