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Steven Malcolm - Vigorous lyrics

[Verse 1]
Strapped up with that pen, call it game time
Dominate while glorifying Jesus at the same time, double whammy
No need for landing I'm way up and never coming down
Dropping off that real talk, truth spark lighting up the dark
I am vigorous wit the flick on my wrist
Love how I live for witness k** this specimen
Lord willing I'm gonna bring the message
I'm the last in His will do I'm the legend
Ya tell them catch up cause I'm hot dog
Shining bright you see me with the lights off
So relentless you know how he does it
You know me and my [?] you know he keeps it one hundred
Land on my tracks like the floors
Malcolm in the middle like the chorus
Got me thinking if the Lord is for us
Then who can come against us boy we do this
Came for the broken know we [?]
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Here for the fire that flowing me
So we let the heavens just to set me free
Omega and the flesh call it humble beast

Carry the life we like what's the word
No pun intended, but what's the word?
Squad serving God that is vigorous
Squad serving God that is vigorous
Squad serving God that is vigorous
Driven by the spirit that live in us
Flexing for the name that we lifting up
On my momma dis here how we living bro

Plot a chart, know that he wanted
Plot a chart, know that he wanted
I got a squad, defeated and ours
Thinking I'm crazy, we [?]
Lion of Judah, King of kings, take off the cross making our way back to the Father

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