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Steven Malcolm - That Werk RmX lyrics

I'ma give'em that work//
Strapped with the word I got'em//
M.J with the fade-away, you don't want them problems//
I'ma give'em that work//
Strapped with the word I got'em//
How they gon' stop'em//
When God that's inside him's rockin' him boy//

Verse 1 (Steven Malcolm)
That work, like a dope boy on that corner// (All in the corner)
Chillin' with the rock and my sixteen//
Got Him talking through me like I'm ill with the lip-sync// (yah)
Sk**ed with the flow game, same with the flame and the Word is the propane//
‘Bout time I go berserk, speed it up on'em//
Boy I'm about to give you that work// (Let's go)
As I hit em with spiritual, medical, lyrical rhythm, like here's all the physical//
Seeking what they would ridicule thinking that, to be trivial//
But if they knew the pinnacle - knowing The Christ//
Then they would truly know life//
See what is Biblical, many would say is cynical //
I'm taking up my cross, thinking about the sin to k**//
Grippin' up the enemy, hitting him with the Trinity//
Know many be doubting, but I ain't trippin' I'ma give'em that work//
See what Ima do is straight dominate homie I live by the Spirit//
Can't help to listen, it's that Real Talk, flavor in your ear// (Let's get it)
Thinking you have seen bad before, I'm ‘bout to show that boy worse//
Pa** me the rock, ain't no stopping me on my turf//

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Verse 2 (EMYE)
It's evident ya' boy Emye came straight from the bottom//
The kid's really a problem, they ain't able to solve'em//
Blazin' like in Sodom, but straighter than a column//
I'm bathing in amazing grace of the Holy Father//
It doesn't matter whether or not they gonna let'em//
Get in the game, I'ma just aim, serve'em and blessem'//
Working a sweat, cuz it's His name - we gonna tell'em//
Releasing my aggression, I fetch'em like Gawvi - GET EM//
I'm standing on a biblical pinnacle like a lyrical General//
What I pen into a sentence, yo I spit at you//
Pikachu individuals, shock em with my polygonal//
Critical syllables that are combusting like in chemicals//
Locking it like a criminal, cocking it then I riddle you//
Devil you are so pitiful, bet you lose I rescinder you//
Get a clue like Scooby-doo//
Yeah you are truly headed to hell//
Can't you tell like a kettle you gonna get it dude?/
Hop on the pot - yeah flame on/
Get to grilling - filet mignon//
Steven Malcolm on the hook and got the bait on/
Fishing and speaking for Christ like a liaison//
So get strapped on the back of these acrobat rappers/
We backpacking the wackest and body-bag trash'em//
The next act on the map, repping the Last Adam//
We got'em saying “Dag-Nabit!”
‘Cause we give'em that work//

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