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Steve Earle - Acquainted With The Wind lyrics

I’m a travelin’ man wherever I roam all over this land I’m never alone
‘Cause I’m acquainted with the wind and me and him
Keep travelin’ along

No shelter from the storm no pillow for my head
‘Cept for maybe my arm
But I’m sleepin’ like the dead no ceilin’ but the sky
And here I lie
And in the mornin’ I’ll be gone
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Whenever I please
I’m howlin’ like a gale
I’m whisperin’ like a breeze I’m acquainted with the wind and I reckon that it’s him that’s carryin’ me

I’m the ramblin’ kind
No matter where I roll everybody stands aside
Lets me rumble down the road aint got a lot of friends
But I’m acquainted with the wind and we’re travelin’ along

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