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Steffon - Young and Trippin' lyrics

[Intro] (several times)
I guess I was just young and trippin'

[Verse 1]
I use to go with the left
Thinking I was cool
Trying to impress the girlies
At a younger age
A young mack frontin' like I was paid
But I only had a roll of 1's
And a beach cruiser
And no matter how many times it got stolen
I got new one
Grate? and Louie Vuitton and Gucci
I was flaunting but I bought them at the swap meet
With some gazelles from the liqour store
Treating my girl to the ice cream truck like I was grown
And I couldn't really take her all at late too far
Because her booty use to hurt on them handle-bars
I wasn't suppose to have company
When my moms was gone
When she left little Stef had it going on
8 in the morning til 6 o'clock
Me am my homies where cooking up food for the whole block
But it was only about 3 of us chilling like we were little players
But I guess we were just young and trippin'

I guess I was just young and trippin'
Young and trippin
I ain't slippin
These are the things that make your life take a whipping

[Verse 2]
I remember going to school like I was a young G
T-shirt tucked in
My kaki's saggin' low creased up to the teeth
Browning gloves on my hands
Flip back hell of a popper
At the riz rooting tooting
Still tho booting miss-fit
The ladies was sporting the miniskirts
I was sporting the curl
It use to mess up all my t-shirt
I never ran out of activator
I always had the dush red
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And it use to always turn my curl red
No sweat
I just told all the girls that it was my natural hair colour
Half indian ask my mother
They wouldn't let me wear my earing? in the cla** room
So i always use to mess up my momma's good broom?
Walking outta' my neighboorhood
Wasn't cool fools
Always trying scrap when i was by myself an after school
Me and my crew was straight mobbin an stoppin s**ers
And kicking them
And thats cause we was just young and trippin'


[Verse 3]
I can remember the days of getting my hustle on
Hustling for the clothes on my back
The raps and for the funky tracks
Back then a brother wasn't doing demo's
Or riding around in limos
Or step in the club and clock them ho's
Kicking it with the homies shooting craps
Taking ens' from them fools
But no matter how much I won't even steal, fool
I was around some G's
Cool young brothers
How to be a G
Cause I couldn't learn it from my mother
From kicking it with the Mack Attack
Listening to K-D-A-Y
Joining the L.A. Posse
And turn into fly guy
Happening's that club in back to back
Running out the club with numbers
Hanging out my pockets like a mack
I had to cut the curl
Fade the side
Die it at the top
Comb it out
And now the skunk got props
And when I find myself
I often catch myself reminiscing
Cause I was just young and trippin'


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