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Steffon - Where Ya At lyrics

1 to the the 2 to the 3 and to the 4
Party people we give you much more

[Verse 1]
Damn I can't find ya
I coming for ya crew
Watchin' behind ya
Ya fallin going deep into the mind of
Rhymes that is bussin you can test
An even shoot em with a bullet proof vest on
And still won't learn ya lesson
Messin with the skunk
U'll get you funked up sucker
Didn't michael tell you am bad fuva'mother
Step back
The skunk is shooting funk like a gage
On a rampage gettin paid to talk stuff centre stage
Like it or not it's still ruthless funk
6 foot 3 and best believing am the skizz-unk
Poppa can you smell that
This funk u'll make you wanna take ya bells back
I rock houses like were the dope sells at
Cool rap? am not the butthead beavis
I got flavor but the sweet teeth
U'll knock out all of ya teethus?
Damn, lost in the mist of the funk
Making come back after come back
But were the hell you at

Where ya at

[Verse 2]
How slow does your body turn on the rotisary pole
Watch ya style and ya soul burn learn
The ways of the why
The head in the crowd that ain't bobbin
Is the head in the crowd that slides
So amma' break you of like a stem
The skunk 1 gliding on the track
The funk 1
I be getting bigger by the rep
But my game is what ya peeping like tommy
Gotta ya running home to mommy
Talking bout the way i drug you out
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Bugged you out
Probably didn't even like balls
But now the deep 1 that dug you out
Am not a homo and no am not your homie
Hell gotta be cruel
But i roll on my belonly tho
I can't help it am cool like that
Not from a digable planets
Am from the westcoast dammit
So crammit
And put it underneath
For damage ain't no coming back from mr dope sacks
So where ya at


[Verse 3]
I come at ya in so many positions
An now i gotta cut ya
Cuz i be hearing ya mission am rear
Streak in my hair, skin fair
But im blacker than you fool
The mac that put the wack in ya crew
Who's there to get spell dropped
But i ain't slippin on you
Cuz you finna get mopped
And swept under the rug
Like a bug ya a pest
Shouldn't of stepped to the step me?
So ate up, i can see you digest
Indegestion throw you up and spit you out
You ain't dubbed ya flow up
But im am still shit you out
You'se u'll put yourself on the triple beam
And ya too weak to be a don
So put yourself on the nickle team
And once the bag ziplocks you up
Into the world of hitchcock
I get funky enough to make ya hips rock
I get props
But no you can't see me or hear me though
But i bet you can smell that
But where the hell you at punk

Where ya at

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