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Steffon - Got 2 B Free lyrics

[Verse 1]
Free cause every time I turn around
You're all up on me like a dog in heat
And you don't hardly even know me
We talk on the phone now is that a time?
But that don't mean I'm all the way yours
And you're all the way mine
And you be sweating the jimmy
As if I said I love you or something
We got a hell of a friendship, so why you fronting
You said it ya' self, you wanted us to be friends
But you should have thought of that
Before you let me in
Now you keep coming back for seconds and thirds
And fourths and fifths
Giving me money, buying me clothes and fancy gifts
I see you at the mall an take you by suprise
Cause I'm with another girl
Hey wait, why you roll your eyes
But then you got the nerve to try to run your lip
When you flirting with them gangster fools, I don't trip
And I don't try to stop you from talking to someone else
Cause I be tryna get free myself
And I just gotta be free

I gotta be free, I gotta be free
I gotta be the beat?
The way that I wanna be

[Verse 2]
Kicking it with the homies
On sunday when I'm on the shore or the beach
You be paging me like a dog on a short leash
You be going through my wallet
Seeing people that you don't know
Assuming every girl you see is my hoe
Going through my pockets
For some numbers that I got last week
While you was jocking in ya homegirls cherokee
But yo' I won't sweat it
You can do what you wanna do
And just because we made love
Don't mean that I'm owned by you
If I wanted a relationship
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I would have told you from the get-go
And if I want one, I'll let you know
Instead of beating around the bush like a punk
That tells you who wants to be with you
Get ya skins then ya get dumped
So don't be sweating me
As if I was a phony
Cause Mariah Carey says love takes time
And you don't owe me
Ya better stop before ya make me your enemy
Come to think about it
I just gotta be free


[Verse 3]
Why you sweating me
You don't even know where I'm at
Where I been or where I am going
I ain't stopping you and your homegirls from owing
And they be all up in are business
If they was so concerned
They would hook you up with someone you can live with
The only problem i got with you
Is you don't wanna take time
You wanna rush before you think it through
I would be like that myself
But you gotta get your skeltons out the closet
And your boots off the for sale shelf
Maybe then we could have more to talk about
But until then
I'll be out
Cause it take more than one ingredient
To bake a cake
And baby when you figure that out
We can try to make
Sock it to me
But the way you be trippin
I would bet you would just kick it
Or get on somebody else can deal with it
Telling me how i should be
But maybe i don't wanna be
Because I gotta be free


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