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Steffon - Cool Brown Brother lyrics

[Verse 1]
When I track I flip back like an acrobat
Now due to the bounce and the bass
I got it like that
Dropping shit like Al Bundy
For the money, honey
Now, who's the dummy
Rolls of fresh hundreds in my gunny
Sack, mack, sharp as a tack
So watch where you're steppin
Or your feets'll go flat
So spare me with the drama mama
Trip to the Bahamas
You will not be taken me
Cause ya sugar daddy's awaken
I don't eat pork
So I ain't bringing ya home no bacon
I don't flizz? at you and you in a grunion no what am making
Now that I know, that you know, that I know, what you know
Go with the flow or be heading out the door
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Catch the sucka by the toe
Then if he hollas let him go
Hell no
A lot of rappers do a snitch in the 90's
I'm leaving them bound and gagged
And with ya women you'll find me

Don't stop me
Not now
Cause I'm a cool brown brother
And I'll show you how
Don't stop me
Not now
Cause I'm a cool brown brother
And I'll show you how

[Verse 2]
Back like the river
This is really in the middle
Coming smooth like a violin
Never play you like a fiddle
6 foot, weight 1-8-5 to be exact
Gold tee, gold shoe
Having like brown black guy
But I don't sing
Swing to the funk rhythm beat
And a bring
Ding ding ding
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Ring the alarm
Money in my pocket is my good luck charm
A benny out a pennies from Cali to Hongkong
Up from the Bronx to the roads of Mexico
And of to Jamaica where the big buds grow
And smoke on and on, like a fat blunt
Also catch the rhythm like a pack wild dogs on a fox hunt
I seek and destroy as if I had some Tasmanian in me
And heat the party up like a tree
So tim-ber
When you hear the clamber of the drum
Come from the booming system
And any MC stepping up will discover you'll get smoothered
Word to mother
Cause I'm a bad brown brother

Party people over here
Party people everywhere
Party people over here
Party people everywhere

[Verse 3]
Now with the beat put toghether
Like elements in a potion
Combined with my thoughts
When my mouth is in motion
And I'd like to know if
You got the notion
I said I'd like to know if
You got the notion
Lyrical concepts
Deep like the ocean
Music is the trade
Triple A is the grade
25 is the age
Stepping on stage in a rage
Knock a wild tiger out his cage
Spitting out lyrics like bucks from a gage
Rome cha-chick
Kaoboom to ya dome
So peep a level head
Or ya head u'll get flown
Time is money and money is rhyme
So I clock a rhyme like a clock hits time
And a tick tock and ya don't stop, huh
A tick tock and a won't stop, hah
A tick tock and I can't stop, hu
Cause that's how I clocks my notts


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