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Static-X's roots trace to the Midwest, where vocalist/guitarist Wayne Static grew up in Michigan and drummer Ken Jay in Illinois. They ended up in Chicago separately, but were introduced at the record store where Jay worked by Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan. Static and Jay decided to head west to California and start up a new band. Shortly after their arrival, Osaka-native Koichi Fukada responded to the duo's ad and became their new guitarist, as well as programmer. Ba**ist Tony Campos, the only true Californian, was the final piece of the puzzle. Static X's music combined aggressive metal and thrash with industrial overtones and techno pulse. Signed to Warner Brothers in February 1998, Static X debuted with Wisconsin d**h Trip a year later, and the album was eventually certified gold. Departing guitarist Fukada was replaced with Tripp Eisen (ex-Dope) for 2001's Machine, and drummer Jay left after the 2003 album Shadow Zone. If that wasn't enough, personal issues forced Eisen to leave the band in 2004. Still, Static-X was undeterred. Static tapped Fukada to rejoin on guitar and programming, and touring drummer Nick Oshiro took over full-time. In June 2005, a rejunvenated Static-X returned to recording with Start a War. ~ Josh Loehr br /br /br /br /, All Music Guide

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