[Verse 1: xxxtentacion]
Aye aye aye
Aye c**aine for my breakfast
Hold that pistol ambidextrous
p**y boy talk reckless he might end up on the stretcher
f** with my set you'll get wet like a p**y
X-X-X on the k**streak
You p**y n***as rice krispie
f** a white b**h on the sixth week
Six stars like GTA k** me
Its more money I'm getting
If a n***a try to take [?]
Shouts out to my zone and k** my [?]
I'm like
Momma raised a Soulja, not a b**h not a b**h [x6]
R-I-P my song [x7]

[Verse 2: $ki Mask "The Slump God"]
Came from the dirt can't hit my purp
Said my diamonds wetter than some sweat absurd
Quarter on my wrist is looking sunny big bird
Hit him with the hit him with the numbers like a nerd
I could re-exhibit might pimp my ride
[?] Raps like Christ
Hit my b**h like Bruno
Get a b**h wet no Juno
Put it in her mouth like Uno
Chest all polo like kudos
Dog a** n***a like Cujo
[?] Who you know
She all wet like fructose
Diamonds all like [?]

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