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Stack Bundles - For The Critics lyrics

Dopeboy I told ya'll I can kill this track nigga
Rap's makover the mixtape in stores soon man
These niggas is crazy
Heard these niggas say I was a mixtape artist or something
Like is you retarded
My song game's impeccable
But the fans know what it is
Let me talk to the critics

[Verse 1]
Listen the critics is talking
They got questions
I got answers
I'm not sick, I'm offended
I got cancer
They asking about the dancing, I was a kid
14 I was getting about $1000 a vid
Dude crying in interviews they wanna know what he mean
Mad wife crossed over where the grass was green
Saying I stole from Wayne, that's the name of his team
Squad Up! got that shit poppin on the scene
Wanna know if I'm a hustler or I just sell drugs
And I don't beef with faggots, I just shoot thugs
Nah, I'm just pulling ya tail
Could'nt pay a nigga to front if he sang with Jay and Pharrell
En Vogue flow, giving somethin they can feel
Even the blind can see it's no need for brail
And um, when it come to the Rock
It's no singers round here, it's no need for Rell

They keep askin bout the desert storm situation
Me and the A-Team still makin classics
Joe, Cain, Fab, what up
Clue my dude, wait till they hear that Lil Mo shit
It's nothin, I got some more shit though
The Riot Squad is that gang
Holla at me, 917-443-4820 man
It's all love

[Verse 2]
I'm not glory hog, I could'nt if I would
Fab made Desert Storm good
I just made Desert Storm hood
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They had to block, I supplied the Rock
In other words I just helped solidify they spot
I'm not the star of the label
Just the strongest leg
Which makes me the essential part of the table
And though you might've seen 'em on cable
Don't get it confused, Cain made this able nigga
Not Paul, that's my dude
I'm talkin bout raw, a lil nostril food
See the deal just gave me jewels
And the fame, got me walkin around with this big ass fifth
I'm used to matching
This don't coordinate with my fit
But I can't take if off my hip
Niggas won't think that I'm hip
Like I don't know you sick to your stomach
I'm winning and you don't benefit from it
The fuck you thought, I bag the bitch and let you hump her
It's not the block, I know you used to be a pumper
But this a whole different ball game
Young nigga I'm not for games
That Glock will flame nigga
The riots that gang nigga
Drugs down to bang nigga
G'z and Bynoe feel the same nigga
Squad Up!

The fans already know what it is man
I'm appreciatin all the love and support I'm gettin out there man
Ya'll see me on the corners, Scrambler City holla at me

[Verse 3]
Dear critics, I'm comfy, I'm doing well
Comes to the grooves for the ladies
Shit I'm feelin as smooth as LL
And you can tell by my R&B features
Theo negotiating Squad Up sneakers
I'm as lyrical as Nas
As charamatic as Jay
Got his borough on lock like Big still to this day
As deep as Beans
As slick talkin as Kiss
One phrase to describe me
I'm on my shit

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