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Stack Bundles - Diamonds Are Forever lyrics

Once upon a time there was youngin 'bout his grind
There was mountain he would climb
And like a diamond he would shine
So they all took shots at him
They all throw rocks at him
And he ain't stop he let 'em
Let 'em play they self out of position
'Til he got tired of listening, and put 'em in a submission
It's only one way in and out the Rock, and that's through me
Unless you muthafuckers know SC
And he's too busy, we gets busy
Come to kitty, niggas spend it like he tryna get 'em dizzy
Is he? Smells just like it
You're tuned into the future, I just made you psychic
Comes to the mixtapes I'm the nigga they psych with
Shit and wipe my ass with the whole damn circuit
Tryna show Sylvia Romes and Sincere Pomes
The finest out of Queens since Sincere Jones
In the belly of the beast
Beast these boys
These boys re-boy
Out in Perth Amboy boy
A New Jersey's not quite my style
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Same old digital watch, I just iced the dial
Wow, said it's not a face without a smile
It's not a case without a trial
A waist without a pist(al)
Pistol, I done pissed out so much Cristal
I could give these bitches a christening
Glistening, only do it once in a blue moon
I'm still in the hood motherfucker it's too soon
Niggas is imposters
Scared of who? I dances with the wolves
I'm Kevin Costner
Gangstas get chubby and move to Miami
Try and mid-town loft me and Porcshe Cayenne me
Is that God tryna send me a subliminal message?
Is it a gift or a curse that I'm blessed with?
Well if I ain't gangsta I'm oh so gorgeus
Rap much better than 'em, flow so flawless
Still living the life motherfucker I'm law-less
And ya'll want me to give up all this?
Maybe if I put down the click-clack
Take all this Versace shit back, you faggots'll give me my dick back
I'm feelin like Ludacris, niggas get back
You ludacris niggas if you don't get that

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