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Stack Bundles - Gangsta Or Snitch lyrics

Live sen on the track
Them Riot-Squad boys is in the building

[Verse 1 - Stack Bundles]
Queens out of the question
I'd rather have the judge find me then bargain
The A be the team, Riot's the squadron
I play a major part in the regime
Armory and weaponry, bang bang
It's the 05's gang gang
Do your history, the fifth's with me
I'm known to blam, I let that thing off
You can see a niggas insides like a sonogram
I'm built for the felony, sit on a boat
Fuck a C-O, move a few bundles of dope
Get my weight up, have a few niggas grills ate up
I already owned the streets my dues paid up
Few industry ties Clue will post my bail
Fuck glocking in, tales slay to crack my sale

[Verse 2 - Ransom]
I'm from Jersey City
Motherfuckers stay dying in here
So you better carry iron in here
Ain't no lying in here
For fake thugs who try wildin' in here
Take some advice, even Superman died in the chair
You can get it in the face or the neck
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Back of the stomach
Can't believe ya'll bitch niggas actually won it
I ain't worried about slugs cause I'm packing a 100
Niggas is talking murda, how many actually done it
This is a gorilla that's talking
My moms tried to get rid of me in the stomach
I'm a living abortion
Grew up, stashing bricks in niggas apartment
Future looks dim, it's either prison or coffin

[Verse 3 - Hitchcock]
I tried to get in the game but they had me on the bench
Looking at the dames with the fattys on the fence
Now I'm hoping out the range or the navy with the limp
I respect mommy, knowing daddy was a pimp
In that caddy with the timps
Now I'm back getting this pack money, this rat money
Got niggas starting to act funny
Never see me with the rat money
Nah I don't want you to applaud when I tell you to clack money
You and your man's are hating
That's why you getting clapped at
Sort of like a standing ovation
Thought he was a killer but your mans a replacement
Money and rubber-bands cutting grams in the basement

[Hook x2]
I'mma win with the click
I'd rather die as a gangsta then live as a snitch
Sq-sq-sq-sq-squaaaaad up
Empty a clip
I'd rather die as a gangsta then live as a snitch

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