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Stack Bundles - All About The Benjamins lyrics

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
You think you fuckin' with Maraj, huh?
I'm the bitch in charge, I ain't talkin' bout the dodge
Look, I'm not the best, I'm just better than the rest
Lil' corporate bitch keep the semi on my desk
Look, you should've signed me when you could find me
Now I got body guards in front and behind me
I'm that girl, y'all birds done heard of me
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Best bitch doing it, it just occurred to me
And stop wildin', go to hell, mami, sex sells
You still dialin' 6-12 on your Nextel
'Cause you's a broke bitch and I'm the hostess
It's my party and I get anything I want bitch
You're not my taste, stay out of my face
I play the top like 8 friends on your Myspace
See my niggas spit rounds for me
Y'all the type of niggas that would would sit down and pee

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