Without U

Without U lyrics


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[Intro] [Verse 1: SPOOKY BLACK] See my face when I slide through Every place I will find you Every time we fell apart Girl I see it in the scars Baby hold my hand, let me be your man Let me take you away from the cold Baby be my diamonds and gold Wander through the dead with you caught up in my head Thinkin Ima flip and fill my brain with lead Ima end my life without you Baby lets just see what these clouds do I'm not so perfect baby yeah you worth it, come right here [Hey] Girl let me see you work it Now we closin curtains, come right here [Hook] [Verse 2: SPOOKY BLACK] Dont you know youre so s**y the way you move your body up and down I wanna tell you how beautiful you are but you're no where to be found [Hey] I tried to protect you From my hands you left You broke my heart right there, all I do is stare, no you'll never f**in care [Hey] I thought you were different Telling me what is and I was wrong I never thought of you as ignant now I'm gettin lifted, you're in my soul Baby I'm about to die Baby wanna watch me die Baby don't you wanna know why Didn't even try [Hook] [Outro]

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