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Spooky Black - HotelSixNine lyrics

Feat : SolomonDaGod

[Verse 1: Spooky Black]
Girl your body is f**ing glistening
In your ear I be whispering
Baby let me take you somewhere quiet
Somewhere all alone for the night
Let me take your picture babe
So I can miss you babe
I know that you be listening
To every word that I do sing
I've got you under my spell
If what we do is sin send me straight to f**ing hell
Cause girl you're so bad now
How could I resist a f**ing body like that
Body like that
How could I resist a f**ing body like that

[Verse 2: SolomonDaGod]
Baby, open up your heart
I’m tryna just show you the feelings you feel when you open up your legs
Your p**y’s your heart instead
Babe take off those heels and pull up that dress
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No panties on beneath, you know me the f**ing best
Why don't you turn up that spooky and sip on this vodka
Mane forget the room key I made sure it's locked
You a good girl but tonight you my ho
And I ordered room service but you what I want
You gotta man and I gotta girl
But you in demand tonight you my world
So let's dirty dance
And f** till the end
And roll up this weed what's better than this
I swear your juices are intoxicating
You make me wonder if I even liked the conversation
Put pics on tumblr you the one who told me try it baby
I probably love my girl but I'll give you the world
And if the world doesn't mean sh**
I'll tongue you down till you screaming you need it
I'll f** you now call me daddy and mean it
Delete my texts cause it's just so convenient
But sh** it's all good
I'll probably f** you better than your man ever could b**h

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