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Sowth Chaynz - 2 Flexxin lyrics

Im the king I ain't talking sacremento
I hop up in the club fresher than a pack of mentos
Murder raps then say it was accidental
And my flow insane leave you wack and mental

Yeah $owth ¢haynz in here
4 leaf in here
What I'm tryna say is
Leggit it

Stregth mixed with ability
To stay strong takes agility
Practice long hard and willingly
Stay true boy I'm still a G
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This right here is my trilogy
So haters are you feelin me
And the wait its killin me
Its so taxin its billin me
Billing me like Hillary
Man hate the villainy

Yeah Great Wall Of Chaynz coming soon
No date yet but stay ready and aware
Stay on your toes young fan
You will catch the ball when it drops

Anticipate the best
Money beacons
I deserved it
Say im 2 flexin
Cause im worth it

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