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Southview - Sunny Places For Shady People lyrics

You preach of acceptance but turn the other cheek
When everybody's grouping up
You're always the first to speak

You stand for everything
I don't want to be
Stay the f** away from me

Its a summer day on mid july
The air is warm and so am I
If I could just figure out what makes you tick
Id tear it down and squander it

Because you swore we were rivals
When I thought we were friends
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You can't deny this is about you
And me doing everything you can't

So you'll see
And you'll need
Something more to achieve

When the world moves on without you (without you)

I've drawn the line too many times
For me to wait for you to change

I guess its engrained in your head still to this day
Always struggling to be heard for everytime that you say
You're not to be taken lightly but if thats the case
Why do you fall apart at most things I say?

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