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South Border - The Way You Do lyrics

At the close of each day
I can't help myself but smile
To know i have someone special in my life
No matter what i do
(i say things that would be
You take it oh so cool
(and not see me as a fool)
A brush of my hand
And when i throw a smile across the room
A call to say hi
You say it takes you to the moon
The simple things i do
(you notice everyday)
You see me as unique
(in all i do and say)

Minutes, days and years
There's no time
You're off my mind
And i just can't wait
To come home soon
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And make you mine
Only in this love
I can feel so secure
Cause no one in this time and space
Could [know / love] me like the way you do
Everytime the day is gloomy
All i need is to phone you
Even rainy mornings
Turn to sunny days with skies so blue
Whenever i feel down
(you always play the clown)
You turn this word around
(when things go out of bounds)
With you i feel as though
I am always a brand new man
Cause you're the only one who takes me
For what i really am
You bring such joy to me
(and i'm hopin' that)
I could give you all you need
(and forever you'll stay with me)

(repeat chorus)

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