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South Border - Do You Believe In Me lyrics

She was workin' everyday down the street
Selling flowers
Pretending she was blind
So I said, "Won't you please believe me
Instead of running 'round and
Laughing all the time? "

She was five foot four and lonely
As she walked into my room
"So this is where you stay"
But when I tried to tell her
About these lonely walls
There was nothing
I could say

Do you believe in me
I'm yours you're mine
And though you refuse to see
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I'll be behind

Anyday & anyway another rain had to come
And it got to me as well, well, well
When your losing what you came for
In the first place it gets fogged
Believe me, I can tell, I can tell

So I slip into my lonely room
And saying to myself
It doesn't matter if I fall
But then I heard some noises at my door and far away
There was somebody, somebody who shouted

Do you believe in me
I'm yours, you're mine
And though you refuse to see
I'll be behind

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