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Soundtracks - Can I Get It Back lyrics

Hold up, new release
from the borough of Brooklyn
three ladies called lets go

hold up...FREEZE
i just wanna get between your knees
thats too much to ask im in the breeze

roof top gone gooch top R dot like popcorn
kinda lucky you got me
look ma you'd me nothin with out me

them debt cards easily rovoked
plus im from the hood im easily provoked
you dont get fresh from my account (nooooo!)
your name comes off of my account (ohhh!)
and dont think i wont make that red dot did I?
get outta here

Verse 1:
now that we spilt up you want me to give up
all that u gave but what about my lovin time
can it be replaced?
you never thought about me babe
see u havent changed a bit cause you still actin childish

guess you forgotten
never was a silly chick (chick)
and u can never get back this
so u can stop all this callin (callin)
stressin (stressin) about something your not gettin

all my love
can i get it back
no i cant
all my time
can i get it back
no i cant
so are u ready
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can u get it back
no you cant (stop askin)
all u can
no u cant

(Whats your name? XSO)
Verse 2:
How can u blame me?
you took my love and ran away
expecting me to feel guilty
but what about my pain and tears
can't be replaced
its all been erased
why would u want it back?
i see u think im crazed



Rap: Cafe
all i need in this life of sin
is a down a** chick
and u aint it
thought u was real
but u aint sh**

you can ride in the truck but u can sit
you must got me misconscrewed
are thou not that trickin dude
but if imma spend imma really spend
i'll put in on an island next to Gilligan

and its way to late
for them boo hoo's
sorry game over you lose

tell your new man
i keeps my rocso
and i got a new thurough chick to feed me tacos

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