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Soundtracks - Future Stars by Cheerleader lyrics

Oh, there's a party
This weekend
What time can I meet you?
I wanna ask about your friend
Maybe she can come, too
I'm running through the paguest
If there's something I can get you
Just repeat what you told me
Oh, don't make this an issue
Just the wind in my hair
You're kneeing me there
Love is in the air
We really don't care
Future stars, pa**ing by
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Future stars, pa**ing by
And now she wants to know
How'd you hear about the party
I heard it from my friend
Who also likes to party
Tonight, be my baby
We'll black out from the party
Hey man did you see her
Now she's lighting up the party
(Oh no, oh no no no no no no)
Future stars, pa**ing by
Future stars, pa**ing by

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