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Soundtracks - Break Yourself by Hook N Sling lyrics

All these freaks around me, playin’ they don’t wanna leave
All this weed around, I’m only smokin’ on the finest tree
So break yourself, betta break yourself

King of the chill, playin’ the life
And you’re like just rolling blunts for me when I drive
Two symphonies stay polite
So push away in K-Town like a bag of rice
Two dokes, and I’m loco (loco)
b**ch give me head while I’m flippin’ off the popo
Pimp sh*t, take a zip of the potion
I’m acting these hoes, put that a** in the motion
That’s post sin, all that dope flip like a roach clip
On a big chick with her own sh*t
Bakin’ in yo house, girl I’m in it now
Yo, I turn it out, turn it out

Chrome wheels stay spinnin’, hoes grinnin’, I’, winnin’
Ah, we do it right
Sundays I’m sinnin’, no trippin’
Just dippin’ ya to the light
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Where the freaks at? At the motel
Where the G’s hit you up like a jail cell
With yo hands up to the top shelf
All my b**ches betta break yoself
Betta break yoself

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2)
What it do, all my max and hoes
Hit the jack and roll, we get it crackin’ oh, thorough
How’s the things where I smoke the finest
So dentalized into my cheeky eyelids
I patch my lies, drop low like the ba**
Gotta look my pew up-skirt, match the face
I can k** that coupe two drops and one ways
Give a cushion big so she forgot about Trae
So when we gonna f**k? Murder was the case
Got yo ice screaming on the rug, lemme get a taste
Numb, get a wind, neva cum, pa** it to my homie man
East side throw it up, movin’, neva play ahead


(Hook x2)

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