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Soundtracks - All Night Long - Swv lyrics

Baby you can count on me anytime that you feel the need
And I'll be there in a hurry, giving you the best of me
And baby you know I keep it nice and warm to satisfy baby
you know that I am always hot for you My sweetie I have got
that kind of loving times two

Chorus: Boy I'll do you all night long. Give you everything you want
I will do you all night long. I wanna please you don't wanna tease you.

You can melt in body and I will slowly melt on to you. Caress your face
in my valley let me feel the sweetness of you and baby you know I keep
special each and every time I never do nothing once and never quite the
same and baby you know if there is anything you want from me I will supply so
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you can have it your way


Here's the vibe, there's candlelight as I undress for you
A sip of wine we take our time then I undress you time
You look at me, I look at you and then we both embrace
And then we just let nature take it's place


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