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Soundtracks - Pigs by Cypress Hill lyrics

This pig hara**ed the whole neighborhood,
Well this pig worked at the station.
This pig he k**ed my Homeboy,
So the f**kin' pig went on a vacation.

This pig he is the chief,
Got a brother pig, Captain O'Malley.
He's got a son that'a a pig too,
He's collectin' pay-offs from a dark alley.

This pig is known as a Narco,
If he's a pig or not, we know that he could be.
This pig he's a f**kin' fag,
So all his homepigs they call him a p**y.

Well this pig he's really cool,
So in this cla** we know he rides all alone.
Well this pig's standin' eatin' donuts,
While some motherf**kers out robbin' your home.

This pig he's a big punk,
And I know that he can't stand the sight of me.
'Cos pigs don't like it when ya act smart,
And when ya tell 'em that your a group from society.

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This pig works for the mafia,
Makin' some money off crack.
But this little pig got caught,
So when he gets to the Pen it's all about the pay-back.

'Cos once he gets to the Pen,
They won't provide the little pig with a bullet-proof vest.
To protect him from some mad n***a,
Who he shot in the chest and placed under arrest.

An' it's all about breakin' off sausage,
Do ya feel sorry for the poor little swine ?
n***as wanna do him in the a**,
Just ta pay his a** back, so they're standin' in line.

That f**kin' pig.

Look what he got himself into.

Now they're gonna make some pigs feet outta the little punk.

Anybody like pork-chops ?

How 'bout a ham sandwich ?
How 'bout a ham sandwich ?

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