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Soundtracks - Holdin' Out by The Lumineers lyrics

Singing to myself
Singing for the neighbours
Holdin' on for work
Holdin' on to paper
I was on the left
You were only fading
I was on my own
Starin' at the ceiling
Hold, holdin' out
Read it on a map
Never how I planned it
Holdin' on for work
Taking it for granted
I was looking up
I was being blinded
Holdin' on for work
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Hopin' that I'd find it
I was looking up
Holding on to patience
Counting up the days
Days that I'd been waiting
You can take your time
I'll be on the front porch
Keepin' on the light
You can see it if you look for it
I would lie awake at night
Hopin' that one day I'd run
I had waited all my life
I was holdin'
Holding you
Waited for you
Waited for

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