Soundtracks - Ben Rosenfield - Marble Song lyrics

I have walked so much farther I thought
I should drink out of this afternoon talk
So I’d fall asleep before I go dark
Drinking champagne from a gold paper cup
There’s this refrain that never gives up
It’s in your blazing blue eyes, it’s enough
That pin point rage I felt growing up
I can’t shake it away
I lie awake with my face to the door
I never ask you why or what for
I’m so afraid that I’ll never get cured
Luck is like a marble on the stage
It waits for a big grace to fall
I breathe my name against the cool gla**
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I dissolve the day despise my past
Ecstatic; nothing has silenced that gas
I took an oath before I turned ten
Hand over heart I became a man
Swore not to be the coward I am
That pin point rage I felt growing up
Returned with a vengeance today
Love is like a marble on the stairs
It waits for a stair to fall
Where did you acquire your magic affects?
It’ll take a long time to improve and effect
To dissolve and destroy when I least expect

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