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Soundtracks - I'm Prince Charmless lyrics

If you want the picture of a charming prince
I take the cake
But now you find me all the more alarming since
I'm charming as a rattlesnake
My debonair and dazzling personality
Was like a dream
But now that you're awake the harsh reality is
Things aren't always what they seem

Taken in my dashing grin
You had failed to note the pointy teeth
I'm no fraud but beneath this warm facade
I'm Prince Charmless underneath

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Just look at what a lovely little royal pair
We're gonna make
'Cause everyone is absolutely unaware
We two are both completely fake!

You've been grand for the plots I've planned
And my gratitude's profound and large
Now's the time for the world to know that I'm
Hardly harmless illaquitte or harmless
No I'm Prince Charmless and I'm in charge

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