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Soundtracks - A Princess After All lyrics

Posture straight gut in a bit
Chest out a bit now grin a bit
Stick out that noble chin a bit
No that's a bit too far

Curtsy thus to duchess
And dukes and lords as much as is
Expected of the lady that you are

Call the royals who reign above you
Ladyship and Lord they love you
But don't speak till they address you first

When you're called your Royal Highness
Stand up straight and show no shyness
And they may ignore it was rehearsed
Now you!

Stomach out chest in and pout
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Now grin and bow down low
And if I'm feeling shy speak first then cry
My dear we've got a million miles to go!
Oh no!

Though she drives me slowly crazy
Though he's such a bore
Things are looking sweetly hazy
'Cause I like him more and more

What an awful lot to know!
But you'll know all you ought to know
'Cause frankly for me not to know
Would mean our certain fall

You have every royal trait to be
I admit I just can't wait to be
A princess after all!

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