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Soundtracks - All That by Dillon Francis lyrics

Attention, ladies and gentlemen
I have all the hoes on my pelvis cause I look like black Elvis
Twista! Hit it

I be sonic, I can do it like it was a bionic
Part of my body get level to me and get speed
Like I was electronic
The crows and rocking beat off the chain
And the party be Mad Decent
Come and fall through see the weather
We chilling but we k** them whatever you have recent
It's difficult with all the led beefin'
Just come in and follow the Twista
Got hundreds of bottles of liquor
With hundreds of models and n***as
And I'm rollin with them
Like Dillon Francis I'm stuntin on them
k** 'em chances no one can hold 'em
I'ma go in the club and turn all the way up
I be with a little bit of hoes when I brawl
Every party when we in the house
We got put my feet on the couch
They go see me and they shout
We gon get wild like eatin' them out
While we in they mouth
Doing whatever that we wanna do
When we get to everybody fall back
And if you ever come asking me how was the party
All that

[Hook x4:]
We go party, all that
Get retarded, all that
Hella women, hella bottles popping
We got all that

Spit game, all that, see my chain, all that
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With a charm on it, when I make in a flick
Up with a bad b**ch I wanna crawl back
And I blowing the flame in the big truck
Give it to the mob that I picked up
Blowing a blob before I go in the club
And I finna tryna get my dick s**ed
Look at the haters, I call on them
Get drunk and I fall on 'em
Lift up by my designer jeans
And my phone parts as I ball on 'em
Throw on a party get ratchet
Then I make a toast I hope it don't stop
Too many hoes I don't want no drama
Even though I got the toast I hope I don't pop
And I've got a bag of money, come and show me
That you worth the crime up, all the way to the top
And when you drop it gonna twerk it
I'ma throw it at her cause she thick
And when it's over I take them all of that
And when she ask me what I want I'ma look at the fatty

[Hook x4:]

We poppin' bottles like they pimples
We turn up, you turn down, understand my lingo?
This for all my girls that look like Katy Perry
Megan Fox turn it up a notch
Don't stop the party go crazy
Let's go dumb, let's go dumb, let's go dumb
Let's go dumb, let's go dumb, let's go dumb
Let's go dumb, let's go dumb, let's go dumb
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb
Make, make, make, make
Make the club jump!

[Hook x4]

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