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Soundtracks - Come To My Party by Black Joe Lewis lyrics

Come to my party
You bring your best friend
'Cause everybody comin' to my house tonight; it's my party
You bring your girlfriend; tell her bring some friends of her own
Gotta keep that ratio right
So all the homies have a good time, at my party
Gonna spin some records, Man; I got all the good jams
Gonna pull the furniture up out' the livin' room tonight
'Cause everbody rockin', at my party. Alright, alright
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Come to my party
It'll be the jammer of the week, and the town
And we don't talk, politics or war
The answers to life's on the dance floor
Party! Everybody party, at my house
On friday night's a party. Yeah, now
C'mon girl, tonight's the (goodie) party
C'mon! Light it up! Get that, Walter
C'mon! Light it up! Got that good stuff
Come to my party

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