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Soundtracks - Whoop That Trick - Djayz lyrics

[Chorus 16x]
Whoop That Trick (Get 'em)

[Verse 1]

I'ma make these s**as recognize I aint playing ho
If you violate off the top, trick you gotta go
I've done hell, been through a lot of sh**
And I'm about 2 flip
Now I think it's time 2 show you b**hes who you f**in with
D JAY that's the name
And I came to bring the pain
Emblem on chest, got me busting at you in the lanes
Ya aint know? You f**in with a street n***a
>From the gutta, pimp tight / (slash) drug dealer
Born and raised in the M-Memphis, Tennessee
Before it's said and done you b**hes gon' remember me
This only the beginning, I got a lot to say
It's been along time, and you got hell 2 pay
Aint no love ho, just bring it 2 the do'
i bar none, I let my nuts hang 2 the flo'
So if you want some, this is yo last wish
Betta come correct me, cause I came 2 break you off trick

[Chorus 16x]
Whoop That Trick (Get 'em)

[Verse 2]

You think I wont beat that trick, whoop that trick
Got me acting f**ed and sh**
Ho is telling me 2 calm down but I'm like f** that sh**
I'm all ready, I'm right here
All narcotic, with some gray goose
Another shot of hen, that just gave me another boost
I'm feelin electrified, you can see it in my eyes
My shirt soaking wet, looking like I just got baptized
Riled up, like a rhino in a liquor sto'
Like some sanctified folks catching the Holy Ghost
I don't think you understand
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This one here just might get banned
Settin off a riot like we livin in Afghanistan
This the durty, durty, and that's the way it goes
Security be the main ones actin like some hos
But now you done f**ed up, you betta call the law
I'ma break this ? bottle across your f**in jaw
And that's for anyone who's ever disrespecting me
Watch your back boy, cause you bout 2 get your a** beat

[Chorus 16x]
Whoop That Trick (Get 'em)

[Verse 3]

I came 2 bust a n***a's head
Leave him bloody red
Fighting 4 his life as they rush him 2 the meds
This is what happens when you get caught up in the mix
All that talk just got your a** in a buncha sh**
This that Memphis drama boy, so we came to get f**ed
I thought you came with heat, n***a where's you back up?
Your clique, they some cowards, they scattered out like roaches
That bottle across your head got you leaking, loosing focus
See this is what we mean when we shut down the club
n***az started gangsta walkin, so we tear the b**h up
We some sh**tin hood n***az from the ghetto and the projects
Left the police, cause we know we the suspects
Make you wonder what's next
b**h guard your grill If they play this in the club, you'll get your
a** beat 4 real
My advice would be 2 chill
In time n***a see, you'll get caught without a warning and get your
a** whooped quick b**h

[Chorus 16x]
Whoop That Trick (Get 'em)

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