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Soundtracks - Never Gonna Let U Go (she's A Keepa) - Omarion lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Second you caught my eye,
girl I couldn
I just can
I think I

In case you haven
just wanna let you know,

and I

feeling you since I met you, and I
said I

[Verse 2:]
Girl, it
Girl, like no other, girl that
whatever it is about ya, just feels so right, baby.

I like your conversation, just wanna take my time
and come over

and I

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I met you, and I

Girl, I just can

[Big Boi Rap]

The horns are making me horny. Sugar, darlin
I adore thee. These other girls are boring; really don
Freaky in the worst way, me and Rick James got the same birthday.
Simply means I
I got the power, to make you shout, but I
Scream, scream, permanent on the team, like a Bantu, or a duke,
or a Just For Me! No lie, relax, lay down, you need a t-shirt.
You can sleep in the bed with me, at the foot of the bed, with your feet first.
And, I will twirk you, you the only good smoking,
puffing better than purple, girl. I hope you fertile, girl.
So we can have a baby boy or a baby girl. To Chuck E.
Cheese and Disneyworld. I
From the day Big Boi was born, till the day I see the grim reaper.

[Chorus (out)]

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