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Soundtracks - 1 Thing - Amerie lyrics

Knock, knock,knock, knock oh
knock, knock,knock,knock, oh
knock, knock, knock,knock, oh
knock, knock, knock, knock, oh

Verse 1
Oh, you trying to let it go
Trying to keep my eyes closed
Trying to keep it just like before
Times when I never even thought to speak

Don't wanna tell u what it is
Ooo wee it felt so serious
Got me thinking just too much
I wanna set if off but

Its this one thing that got me trippin
Its this one thing that got me triippin (you did)
This one thing my soul made me feel it
Its this one thing you did (oh oh oh)

Its this one thing that caught me slippin
Its this one thing I want to admit it (you did)
This one thing and I was so wit it
Its this one thing you did (oh o, ohh)

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verse 2
Hey we don't know know each other well
So why I keep picking up my cell
Memories just keep ringing bells(ding dong ding dong)
Hear voices I don't wanna understand
My car keys are jingling in my hand
My high heels are cliking towards your door
(oh, oh, oh oh,)


(heyyy) And maybe I just make believed it
(heyyy) Its this one thing you did
(heyyy) I can't deny I'm tired of trying
Open up the door but I keep on seeing you
I'm hoping you can keep a secret (from me, from me, from me)
Like what you did


oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ...

Knock, knock, knock, oh 5x's
Chorus till fade

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