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Soundtracks - Heartaches & Pain by Charles Bradley lyrics

There has been times in my life
When the ground was so cold
Cant find a friend anywhere at all
So my brother said to me
John you got to stand tall
Because life, is full of sorrow and heartaches and pain
Again and again
I woke up this morning, my Mama she was crying
So I looked out my window
Police lights were flashing
People were screaming
So I ran down to the street
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A friend grabbed my shoulder and
He said to these words to me
Life is full of sorrow
So I have to tell you this, your brother is gone
Heartaches and pain
Heartaches and pain
Woo woo woo oh oh na na na
Heartaches and pain
oh oh
Heartaches and pain
No no no
Heartaches and pain......

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