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Soundtracks - Get Loose by Thomas Law lyrics

See you there, staring here
Make move, why you scared
Push yourself, forget the clock
We got all night and still we drop
Let down your hair for just one night
Come on now, why you still shy
See you there, starting there
Make your move
Common baby, get loose let it go,
Get loose, loose on the floor
Get loose, loose have some fun
The night has just begun
(Common baby)
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Get loose, loose let it go
Get loose,loose on the floor
Get loose, loose have some fun
Common baby, get loose
Get loose Im ready to get loose
if you go show me some (x 4)
Where my lady's at, where my fella's at.
Just one dance no strings attach
Right now we're young, but not for long
Let's light it up and turn it off
But black an drop, waking up
Time to spill it off my cup
Lady's at, fella's at J
ust one dance no strings attached

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