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Soundtracks - A Field of Birds (Live at KEXP) - The Tallest Man on Earth lyrics

A little bird
Came right up to me
Found a thread, oh
Hanging from my sleeve

Then he flew up high
Until I fell apart
Stitches, they all flew, oh
From why did my heart

So then a little girl
Came and found my bones
She built a meadow
She should have made him watch

As the meadowlark
Found that needle's eye
As he made that patch, oh
For my broken sky
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And so the winter night
Came down to our hands
Trying to steal, oh
What could soothe a man

Yes and still I knew
That old dark was mine
And it's fading out, oh
Every star I find

And so... By the day
Little girl and I
Shook all trees, oh
To see what would fly

And it's times like these
There's no need for words
I just need to find, ohhhhh...
I need a field of birds

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