All Son Seals Songs

Songs In album
(I Need A) Good Woman Bad * Deluxe Edition
Adding Up * Nothing but the Truth
Ain't That Some Shame * Living in the Danger Zone
Arkansas Woman * Living in the Danger Zone
Bad Axe * Deluxe Edition
Bad Luck Child * Lettin' Go
Before The Bullets Fly Deluxe Edition
Blue Shadows Falling * Live and Burning
Blues Holy Ghost * Lettin' Go
Buzzard Luck Deluxe Edition
Call My Job Live and Burning
Can't Hear Nothing But The Blues -
Can't Stand To See Her Cry * Bad Axe
Cold Blood * Bad Axe
Cotton Picking Blues * The Son Seals Blues Band
Crying For My Baby * Live: Spontaneous Combustion
Crying Time Again * Chicago Fire
Dear Son Lettin' Go
Doc's Blues * Lettin' Go
Don't Bother Me * Midnight Son
Don't Fool With My Baby * Midnight Son
Don't Lie To Me Live: Spontaneous Combustion
Don't Pick Me For Your Fool (Live) * Deluxe Edition
Don't Pick Me For Your Fool * Live: Spontaneous Combustion
Every Goodbye Ain't Gone * Live: Spontaneous Combustion
Four Full Seasons Of Love * Midnight Son
Frank And Johnnie * Nothing but the Truth
Friday Again * Bad Axe
Frigidaire Woman Living in the Danger Zone
Funky b**h (Live) * Deluxe Edition
Funky b**h * Lettin' Go
Gentleman From The Windy City * Chicago Fire
Give The Devil His Due * Lettin' Go
Going Back Home Midnight Son
Going Home Bad Axe
Going Home (Where Women Got Meat On Their Bones) -
Going Home Tomorrow The Son Seals Blues Band
Good Woman Bad * Nothing but the Truth
Goodbye Little Girl * Chicago Fire
Hair On A Frog * Lettin' Go
Help Me, Somebody * Live and Burning
Hot Sauce (Live) * Deluxe Edition
How Could She Leave Me? * The Son Seals Blues Band
I Believe Midnight Son
I Believe To My Soul Deluxe Edition
I Can Count On My Blues * Bad Axe
I Can't Hear Nothing But The Blues Nothing but the Truth
I Can't Hold Out (Live) * Deluxe Edition
I Can't Hold Out * Live and Burning
I Can't Lose The Blues * Living in the Danger Zone
I Got Some Of My Money * Lettin' Go
I Need My Baby Back * Live: Spontaneous Combustion
I Think You're Fooling Me * Bad Axe
I'm Gonna Take It All Back * Nothing but the Truth
I'm Not Tired * Chicago Fire
Just About To Lose Your Clown * Bad Axe
Landlord At My Door * Deluxe Edition
Last Four Nickels Living in the Danger Zone
Leaving Home * Chicago Fire
Life All By Myself (Previously Unreleased) * Deluxe Edition
Little Sally Walker * Nothing but the Truth
Look Now, Baby * The Son Seals Blues Band
Love Had A Breakdown * Lettin' Go
Mother Blues * Live: Spontaneous Combustion
Mother-In-Law Blues -
My Time Now * Living in the Danger Zone
No, No Baby * Live: Spontaneous Combustion
Nobody Wants A Loser * Chicago Fire
Now That I'm Down * Deluxe Edition
On My Knees * Midnight Son
Osceola Rock * Lettin' Go
Out Of My Way * Bad Axe
Person To Person * Bad Axe
Rockin' And Rollin' Tonight * Lettin' Go
Sadie * Nothing but the Truth
She's Fine * Live and Burning
Sitting At My Window * The Son Seals Blues Band
Sitting Here Thinking * Live: Spontaneous Combustion
Strung Out Woman * Midnight Son
Telephone Angel (You're On My Mind) * Deluxe Edition
Telephone Angel * Midnight Son
Tell It To Another Fool * Living in the Danger Zone
The Sun Is Shining * Live: Spontaneous Combustion
The Woman I Love Live and Burning
Tough As Nails * Nothing but the Truth
Tricks Of The Trade * Nothing but the Truth
Trouble, Trouble * Live: Spontaneous Combustion
Watching Every Move You Make * Chicago Fire
Woman In Black * Living in the Danger Zone
Your Friends * Nothing but the Truth
Your Love Is Like A Cancer Deluxe Edition