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Sol Messiah - THE WHO? lyrics

[David Banner]
On January 17th 1961
I was beaten then tortured then murdered by guns
(Who am I?)
The firing squad, The CIA, the Mi6, the Belgians were in on it
(Who am I?)
Mubutu too tried to k** the cause by k**ing me silly see Because the flesh dies only to set the soul free
And it landed in this MC manifest destiny but only for the Africans
The salt of the earth the father of man they gave a cross then They took the land
(Who am I?)
As long Belgians continued to mine
Then I guess the DRC was fine
No its not
(Who am I?)
(copper, and zinc tin and coal and don't forget diamond and gold)
(Who am I?)
My body dip in acid
All for greed and I just wanted them to leave
(Who am I?)
The United Nations turned their backs while the Europeans cleansed the blacks
(Who am I?)
The Soviet Union wanted to a**ist
But the USA just labeled me a communist
(Who am I?)
Pan African, pro people, prolific against evil
Whether it comes through war or peace
Please remember my name - it's Patrice, Lamumba

Tell me what u working with
I'm ready to a**ault this track before I murder it
Cuz I use words to purge my aggression I suggest you avoid becoming a victim of my murmurings
I get my big words from my mama Nem
She taught me how to read and ever since I've had a yearn for them
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And that's how this shy girl can talk sh** and stay clean, excuse my foul mouth I slip up and say things in rap life that real life can't seem to handle
Like how I'm a better rapper than u and all your family
And I'll verbally slap you all around a few rounds until you king me the greatest of the space/time continuum
See great writers made me
Not Jay-Z but Langston
I'm still trying digest a dream deferred
And every time I put my pen down to paper I imagine saving babies from a bitter life in a heinous world


But they don't wanna hear the pain just the glory
And they don't wanna take the blame just change the gist of the story
And they'll take me as a trophy but not as MVP
Cuz they don't wanna admit it but they envy me
I'll tell u why because these hips and thighs created life in 7 days
And I can take it all away with just 1 verse spit in 7 ways
And the control u think u hold over me?
Guess what it's obsolete
I copped a beat and laid heat like burnt edges
Play me? You'll pay me
My 16s like vendettas
This rap dope but truth told I been better
Just a prelude to deluge of poetic justice
No box braids I cock aim and blow brains with all my substance
I don't need witticisms to make a hitter and I don't need sports references to make my lyrics any clearer
Eff Jordan, I'm rolling with zora, cuz my eyes been watching god since I first looked in the mirror
And dare I say it that I'm a conscious entertainer? my confidence in my craft makes me comfortable with the label
But....I defy all conventions, my unorthodox behavior makes me garner your attention like a peep show
The exposure keeps you riveted in place you're conflicted I'm the illest but u can't let em know u think so
Acceptance is the last stage of grief so I'll keep the peace
I'll let u have your moment fore I make you take a knee
And savor each and every piece that I secrete from me
Contrary to pop opinion, we ain't created equally
See, That my friend would require me to be human
I'm an alien, an outcast, a pillar in a land of ruin

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