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Sol Messiah - Sky God lyrics

Who am I?
I am God in the flesh
Subatomic particles
Molecules in breath
528 Hertz frequency is
Radiating from the left
Region of my chest

Daughter of the dust
Portal opener (just)?
Jump into oblivion
When I say the words: trust me
Must be
Some kind of wonderful
To see black spaces, stardust
Right in front of you
I am barely one of you
Time traveling
Rhyme patterns from another view
Fluid creations
Fluid in equations
Moving out of stillness
Making universal statements

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I am water with a
Vibrating aura
Flyest light beam
Of the highest ranking order

I speak life
Full moons at midnight
Magic at the altar
Pure music hitting rights
Quartz crystal
Reflections of the spectrum
Magnetic force field
Two poles of connection
Pulses of energy
Bionic symmetry
The bond between universes
Ionics synergy

I am planets
Dark matter
Finite infinity
First mother
Back at it
The divine femininity

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